Experience our exciting market featuring  italian, german, and gaelic cuisine
Roman Market Inc. is owned and operated by brothers Brent and Brian
Pilrain.  Our family name is of French descent  and our lineage consists of
Germanic and Gaelic ancestry. From approximately 700 BC until 400 CE
the Romans ruled, settled, and civilized much of Europe so it could be
said that most Americans with European heritage have some form of
Roman in them whether it be by genetics or culture. We embrace this
heritage and especially enjoy the culinary traditions of the Italians,
French, and Germans. We have brought these traditions together once
more under a new Roman roof to create a unique food market that offers
high quality and a fun theme. Roman Market is the Empire reborn!

On a personal level, we are excited to offer our community a chance to
taste some delightful creations inspired by our theme and brought to you
by 2004 Minnesota State Champion Chef Brent Pilrain. Our entree
selection features premium meats and pastas with gourmet sauces such
as Marsala and Bordelaise to name a few. Our premium meats are hand
selected  by Master Butcher Brian Pilrain and only the finest Certified
Angus beef and Chairman's Reserve pork are sold in our market. Stop in
to speak with the brothers in person and bring home a piece of ROME!
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Roman Market
Premium Fresh Meats &
European Deli