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Premium Delicatessen
Bianco Lasagna
Our unique bianco roll stuffed with
prosciutto ham, asparagus, roasted
tomatoes, alfredo sauce and a four-cheese
blend. Fully Cooked, just heat & serve.
Classic Lasagna
This Italian favorite is made with our own
fresh marinara sauce, seasoned beef &
pork, four-cheese blend and fresh
mozzarella. Fully Cooked, just heat & serve
Hand-tossed Calzone
Golden delicious crust stuffed with your
choice of our most popular ingredients.
Fully Cooked, just heat & serve.
Lobster Canneloni
Cold water lobster tail with our famous
four-cheese blend, roasted red peppers and
alfredo sauce. Fully Cooked, just heat &
Steakhouse Hashbrowns
America's favorite golden browns. Topped
with sour cream. Fully Cooked, just heat &
Roman Meatballs
Hearty jumbo meatballs with our strong
blend of oregano, basil, parmesan Reggiano
and spices.
These Italian pizza rolls have salami,
pepperoni, fresh basil, and melted cheeses.
They each come with a side of marinara
Beef Wellington
Our favorite Filet Mignon smothered in a
mushroom duxelle cream and baked inside
a puff pastry. Served with Bearnaise sauce.
Pork Schnitzel
This breaded pork cutlet is topped with
braised red cabbage and served with a
white wine gravy